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Hi gingo gango, welcome to my website, its is about me, stuff that i like, stuff i don't like, random thoughts and is a good way for me to do some mindless shit when i should be working. If you know me hello, if you don't, spend a little time looking round my website and by the end you will know me a little better.

I have fabulous ginger hair this has been one of the main influences on my life it forced me to toink up and learn to fight as jealousy is an evil beast and there are a lot of you basterds out there without ginger hair who think you are cool.

Currently i am a black belt in all martial arts except Judo (a new belt darker than black which i am not allowed to mention was invented and bestowed upon me). Also once I ate a tiger.

i though i should put up some more words up on this page so i did. I was thinking that soon the gingers will be extinct at most 2% of the population of thw world is ginger, and scotland produces more gingers than the rest of the world put together.

In order to put this write i have two schools of thought, first i could have sex with all you ginger chicks out there (sorry hotties only). This would be very good for the planet as i am an above average human being so it would make up for all those daft chaver basterd who keep having charver kids and is really messing up the genepool. However that would mean a lot of christmas preasent and all that balls so am not to keen.

The other is two act as a ginger dating agency. Oh yes i will save our people

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